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Porsche Boxster: A Powerful, Stylish, and Comfortable Roadster

Porsche’s horizontally opposed or boxer-like engine gave the Boxster its name. First rolled out in the market in 1996 by the German automaker, the mid-engined roadster easily became the top choice for its sleek design and competitive performance. Since then, the Porsche Boxster continues to enhance its driving capabilities without boring car enthusiasts with its constantly evolving cosmetics.

1996-2004: The first generation’s engine power

Technically called type 986, the first-generation Boxster was Porsche’s first car to run on a water-cooled, six-cylinder boxer engine—two pistons moving back and forth in the opposite directions and therefore pounding against the other just like in boxing. The flat-six, which is another name for its engine, initially powered the roadster with its 204-horsepower-capable 2.5-liter engine. But before the next-generation model was introduced, the Boxster’s engine was beefed up to 2.7 liters and could produce 228 horsepower. Meanwhile, a much larger 3.2-liter engine, which came with the optional 2.7-liter engine, powered the sportier Boxster S variant. Also, the Porsche Boxster’s middle-engine configuration resulted with better handling and enhanced aerodynamics.

2005-2011: The second-generation’s sense of style

Slowly deviating from the Spyder-inspired design, the second-generation Boxster took some styling hints from the Carrera GT, changing its headlight design to look similar with that of the supercar. Larger metallic-silver side-air intake vents with bold horizontal slats accentuated the roadster that could fit a 19-incher after enlarging the wheel arches. In 2009, the second-generation Boxster and Boxster S were restyled, adding larger front-air intake vents with daytime running lights and new headlights and taillights to name a few. Also, the interior design and materials of the well-loved roadster were overhauled, and was topped with the redesigned Porsche Communication Management System that featured a touch screen interface for reduced button clutter. Meanwhile, the Boxster Spyder was unveiled in 2009 as the lightest Porsche, and was positioned above the Boxster S.

2012-present: The third generation’s comfort in performance

The aluminum construction made the third-generation Boxster lighter than the previous generation models. Although a decrease in weight magnified its difference from the previous Boxsters, the latest model didn’t veer much away from the design people have grown accustomed to. Also called as type 981, the new Boxster and Boxster S ran on improved engines that are paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission. The newest roadster received new chassis and suspension for sharper handling especially when paired with its engine powers. Named as the most comfortable Boxster to date, the latest model brings back the joy in driving with better performance and more efficient fuel economy.

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